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Custom Products

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Here at Krisry, we have a professional team of engineers, welders, and metal fabrication specialists and are fully equipped to design AND build a prototype (or several) for you. We have handled dozens of custom jobs here at our Wauconda, IL location in order to get the customer their product with the best possible price and as quickly as possible. If you have an idea to optimize your jobsite efficiency and would like to inquire about a custom lock, container caster, or any other product, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We would be more than happy to help you out.

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Importing and Exporting

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Easy in, Easy out.

We can handle all import or export administration on your behalf including freight clearing and duty details.

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    Distribution of Engineering Products

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    We love logistics!

    Look to us for expert coordination of all aspects of order intake, shipping, invoicing, and payment of goods on either an agency or consignment basis.

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    In Stock, Out Back.

    We can provide complete warehousing service from our Midwest distribution centers located just outside of Chicago. We currently stock standard Blair components as well as Multi-Stroke container twist locks (previously marketed as Westlake), door locking gear, spares, and Perplas plastic rollers.

    Sales and Customer Liaison

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    We speak the language!

    Our professionals have more than 20 years of sales experience all over the world and the unique ability to interact with contacts at all levels—from the shop floor to managing directors of multi-national corporations.  We also bring you extensive experience negotiating international contracts.
We currently serve as a manufacturer’s representative for several European companies whose production includes cast steel products of all size ranges (from a few grams up to 20 tons).  Our principals (all British manufacturers) also manufacture aluminum products in cast and extruded aluminum. In addition, we work with a plastics company that specializes in UHMWPe.


    Contact us, we would love to help!

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    Market Research

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    The Power of Information.

    Our complete range of market research services includes product feasibility studies, customer identification, and joint venture partner analysis/investigation.


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    Catchy jingle, not included.

    In support of your products and services, we provide a full range of marketing, advertising, and communication services including trade show materials and product websites.

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