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Modular Storage

Krisry's Modular Storage products include; Twist Locks, Corner Fittings, Horizontal and Vertical Interconnnectors, Base Mounts such as the KRY45 MP. “D” Rings and Brackets, Bail Bars and Bearingless Rollers.

Our projects are used on modular containers in the following ways:

  • tiny homes

  •  storage containers

  • and site security containers

Our Design Features

  • Our specifically designed one-piece cast steel twist lock body is engineered so that the body walls line up directly with the side walls of the ISO corner casting ensuring the loads are transferred directly in line.

  • The lock itself has an over-sized forged “High Tensile Steel” stem.  The stem is manually turned to 90 degrees and is screwed down tightly with the heavy duty hand nut, leaving zero vertical clearance between the ISO corner block and the twist lock assembly. Although we call them “hand nuts” we encourage you to take a hammer to them – they are built to be robust enough to allow you to put as much torque as you can into them.

  • Vibration will never loosen the twist lock. The high safety level built into the caster design means that the bolt and lock nut is tightened at 90 degrees to the hand nut, so there is no risk of vibration damaging the clamp.

Modular Storage 3.png

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